Choose to Live in a World Worth Believing In

Every conflict and positive force in the world is the result of a series of choices we make as individuals. Wars are caused by people who choose violence to solve their problems over other means. Armies are available because people choose to participate in them. Mass lay-offs are often caused by people who choose to value an income number over those they are responsible for. Similarly, disaster relief is available because people choose to contribute their time, energy and income. We feel cared for by our friends and families because they choose to share experiences with us and help us when we need it. It is our choices that define the world we live in.

If decision makers in business and government more actively chose longer-term, conscientious actions that demonstrated care and consideration towards those they affect, we as a community would feel more connected and supportive of those decision makers. But this goes two ways. If we, as decision makers ourselves, choose to care for and include those decision makers, and those around us, they will also feel more connected and supportive of us. If we actively choose to create a sense of support and community within our own spheres of influence while maintaining a personal sense of accountability to our individual values, we can exert an influence to shift in favor of long-term responsible choices by others. As this grows, it will reach higher level decision makers.

A happy, empowered person is much more likely to take the time to consider others than an overwhelmed or scared person. A happy, empowered person is also someone who feels safe in their decisions, has a sense of community, holds themselves accountable to their own values, and is confidently pursuing their personal dreams and cares. They are less encumbered by their own daily issues and will stand up more strongly for their values. Choose Movement is dedicated to help people strengthen key skills that contribute to these attributes in an effort to create a community of happy, empowered people who in turn choose to make positive decisions. This is done through the Choose Movement program and accompanying resources.

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